Photos of the Guide Class (offical sponsor of WGO)

(No.2) In December 2001

                                                                                                         Photos by Muneatsu Watanabe   Written by Ikuko Miyoshi
Front Palace Ruins/Citrus & Flower Garden:

Class Photo at Front Palace Ruins

Matsuyama International Center's Guide Class poses for a picture in December 2001during a visit to Ninomaru Historic Garden. They work hard to study such places ( in English) so that they can explain to visitors when they are asked to conduct tours. Of course they speak English and try hard to answer any questions that their guests may have about Matsuyama or even Japanese customs and culture.The volunteer guides are waiting for you.Please contact the MIC for details.

At the remains of a large well:

Class Photo at a large well

This large well, which was found during the excavation, is 18mx13m and its depth is 9m. It is thought to have been made for fire prevention.

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