Photos of the Guide Class (offical sponsor of WGO)

during a visit to the Matsuyama Castle in May 1997      Back

In the shade:

A luck visitor chats with the Volunteer guides during a break in the tour in the shade while visiting Matsyama Castle. Many enthusiastic people are waiting to help visitors see and learn about some of the interesting and historical sights in and around the city of Matsuyama. Please contact the MIC office for details.

At the Castle:

''Matsuyama International Center's Guide Class poses for a picture in May of 97 after just visiting Matsuyama Castle with some American Visitors. They work hard to study sudy such places in English so that they can explain to visitors when they are asked to conduct tours. Of course they speak English and try hard to answer any questions that their guest may have about Matsyuma or even Japanese customs and culture. Some members have been studying for almost ten years.''