Photos of the Guide Class (offical sponsor of WGO)

During a visit to Ninomaru Historic Garden in December 2001

                                                                                                         Photos by Muneatsu Watanabe   Written by Ikuko Miyoshi
In the exhibition room:

Guide Class in the exhibition room

The ruins of Ninomaru of Matsuyama Castle was reconstructed as a historic garden and opened in May 1992. According to the old maps of the castle, room arrangement of the old building is expressed in the ruins, showing two types of gardens; one of which is called 'Front Palace Ruins / Citrus Flower Garden'; the other, 'Inner Palace Ruins / Flowering Water Garden.' 'Rinsen-tei' lies in the east of the garden, arranging around a pond and a waterfall with bare rocks in the background.

At the Juraku-tei in Ninomaru:

Class Photo at Jurakutei

Juraku-tei is one of several facilities available for rent for tea ceremony or haiku poet gatherings. In the City Guide Class, students practice explaining the details of the sites in English. A native English teacher advises the class on key points of guiding.

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